A skilled Mediator and Facilitator, Ms. North puts conflicting parties at ease and guides them through the process in a safe, empowering and productive way. "Her ability to remain calm and neutral in the face of extreme emotional tension, to gain the trust of all parties, to help restore broken relationships" coupled with her insightful "ability to zero in on the issues" have produced a ninety percent success rate in resolving conflicts. Any area of disagreement, from divorce, to neighbor/neighbor/ to employment, real estate, consumer and contract disputes can be addressed in mediation.

Individual Conflict Coaching:
By telephone or in person, Barb will coach an individual to aid in resolving a conflict. The process offers assistance in identifying the issues, sorting out priorities, role-playing, brainstorming solutions and strategizing approaches to a successful resolution.

Conflict Management Systems:
Ineffective resolution of conflict within an organization is divisive and costly, both financially and emotionally. This results in loss of productivity, needless litigation, destructive political alliances and retaliation. This Conflict Management service provides conflict prevention and offers an organization analysis of the way they currently deal with conflict as well as a custom designed, cost effective system to effectively address conflict as it arises.

Speaking & Training:
From Keynote to Motivational, Barb's presentations are funny, informative and motivating. Whether it's 2 hours or two days, Barb will design and deliver a training that is right for your organization in such areas as:

Conflict Resolution - Communication Skills - Leadership - Using Humor in the Workplace
Time Management - Acting Skills for Life - Speech Making - Stand Up Comedy
Mediation Certification - Youth Programs - Improvisation Customer Service

Facilitated Meetings:
When disputes involve larger numbers or multiple parties, it is often helpful to have a "Neutral" facilitate in a meeting style setting to help process feelings and uncover and focus on issues that contribute to tension. It's also an excellent way to discuss heated topics.

Televison Appearances:
A favorite on the talk show circuit, Barb has a wealth of knowledge in the areas of Conflict Management, Couples Communication, and Relationship Tips. (After all, she's been married for over 30 years!) And, she makes it fun and funny.

"What do you get when you combine a COMEDIAN with a CONFLICT MANAGER?" - a feature on Barb in the October 2005 issue of 'Radio-TV Interview Report'