Seen on NBC's "The Other Half" (view clip) and a voice of reason on the upcoming radio show "Conflictline", Barb North has had a lifetime career performing in, writing and producing over 30 network and syndicated television shows as well as headlining at comedy clubs throughout the country.  HGTV recently posted an interview with Barb about Mediation on Youtube (view clip). Or listen to a recent interview on Divorce as a Catalyst with Dawn Sinnott (hear clip)

Barb is the shorter half of the Comedy Team of Barb and Steve North. She is a comedian, performer, writer, and producer. This background explains Barb's unique ability to act as an MC or appear as a talk show guest AND incorporate an entertaining spin into the content. Her presentations are fun, informative, and funny.

Suggested Segments

Peace in the Workplace - How to get along from cubicle to cubicle. We spend more time with our co-workers than our loved ones and we didn't choose them. Barb gives tips on how to resolve the small things before they grow.

Can I Talk to Your Supervisor? You've been overcharged, the package wasn't delivered, you need an extension or discount on a bill-- and the phone battle begins. How to remain calm and get what you want from strangers on the phone.

I Think You're a Jerk - We hear so much about "I" statements, but what are they, really? And how can they be used effectively to resolve conflict and help communication? Move from feeling to thinking to expressing your truth.

Rewarding People Who Act Badly - We complain about how they act -- but how do we reward squeaky wheels and encourage them to keep squeaking? Learn about your part.

The Power of "I'm Sorry" - Apologies - how they work, why they work, when they work, if they work. Learn how to apologize without giving in and how to use an apology to get where you really need to go.

Issues and Positions and Interests - Oh My! - How often do we dig-in our heels only to discover that we don't even know what we're fighting about? Barb talks about how to move from holding your position to discovering your issues and protecting your interests.

Stop, Look and Listen! - Listening doesn't just mean not talking or looking interested while the other person talks -- the whole time thinking of what to say next. Here are some tips on listening with your eyes, your ears and yes your mouth.

How Do YOU Resolve Conflict?
- Are you accommodative -- avoiding -- competitive -- compromising -- or co-operative in a conflict? The style you choose can determine the outcome. Tired of always giving in, or always being right at the expense of a friendship, job, or marriage?

Being Neutral - How to be in the middle without being eaten alive. People close to you are having a dispute; you want to help -- but how do you get in to it without g etting it from both ends?

Picking Your Fights - Knowing when to get in to it and when to let it be. Everytime a conflict arises, we have 4 choices: we can live with it, leave, talk it over, or go to war. How to decide which choice is right.

The C Words: Conflict, Communication and Change - How these three words work together to make life peaceful.

There's NO Winner in the Blame Game - Getting stuck on the past and who did what to whom. While understanding what happened and taking responsibility is an important part of resolving conflict, staying there will prevent resolution. How to move on without ignoring the past.

"I've Tried Everything, There's No Solving This!" Why conflicts are not resolved - If goals are not clearly established, benefits of settlement or cost to maintain the conflict are not understood or one side has a need to punish the other -- disputes can grow and never resolve.