Barb North has worked as a mediator and negotiator for over fifteen years, and has designed and delivered more than 2,500 trainings in such areas as Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Communications Skills, Acting, Couples Communication, Improvisational Theater, Speaker's Skills and Stand-Up Comedy.

She is the shorter half of the Comedy Team of Barb and Steve North. In addition to training and mediation, Barb has been a Comedian/Performer/ Writer/Producer with her husband, Steve for over 25 years. This background explains her unique ability to present trainings, give talks, conduct seminars, facilitate events, act as an MC or appear as a talk show guest AND incorporate an entertaining spin into the content. Her presentations are fun, informative, and funny.

Barb has designed and implemented custom conflict management programs for numerous organizations and businesses, including extensive work with the National Organization of Girl Scouts of the USA and individual Girl Scout Councils throughout the country, Los Angeles County, Voluntary Mediation Services, the EEOC, Girl Scouts of the USA and the NASD. She has written and produced corporate training films, led seminars, retreats and facilitated group discussions.

In addition to her extensive experience as a mediator and facilitator, Barb is particularly skilled at facilitating multi-party conflicts, working with group conflict, and helping resolve conflict in organizations. Her sensitivity to the human issues and her ability to aid in communication between parties and help people in conflict to explore their options in a cooperative environment has created success in resolving a large percentage of disputes. Barb's strength is her combined ability to work as a neutral facilitator in resolving current conflicts and as a trainer/system designer to help manage and avert future conflicts.

Barb is a member of:
• The Southern California Mediation Association
• Association for Conflict Resolution
• California Dispute Resolution Council
• Screen Actors Guild
• Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
• American Federation o
f Television and Radio Artists
• Writer's Guild of America West
• Women in Film
• National Association of Television Programming Executives
• American Film Institute Creative Alliance

She has done training, facilitation, mediation, or conflict management design for such groups as:
• Girl Scouts of the USA
• GMAC-RFC Worldwide Capital Partners
• Los Angeles County Adult Protective Services
• Southern California Mediation Association
• California Department of Insurance
• Entertainment Industries Council
• Equal Employment Opportunities Commission

She is a certified mediator for Ventura and Los Angeles County Clients, the National Association of Securities dealers, California Department Of Insurance, Girl Scout Council of San Fernando Valley, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. She was trained in Mediation through Los Angeles County and the Loyola law School Conflict Resolution Center. She holds a BSBA from the University of Denver with a major in accounting and a minor in Economics and Labor Relations. She also has done course work in the teaching Credential Program at Cal State University, Northridge.

Letters of reference available upon request.

Testimonials: Ms. North has helped resolve conflict and taught and inspired others to do the same ... all the while keeping them laughing. And here's what some people have to say:

"Barb makes it so fun and easy to stay in the mood to learn."

"I am overwhelmed and overjoyed at how much I got from this training."

"Ms. North does an amazing job of aligning her experiences with the training content, making it all so real and entertaining at the same time."

"I loved this training. I feel like I just gained a life skill that is a huge asset."

"She has so many tips that can help not just in the workplace… but everywhere in my life! This is not just fluff!"

"Barb North really knows her stuff."